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Signs That You Need New Tires

Signs You Need New Tires

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Tires are one of the most crucial parts of your car which is why it’s important to make sure you pay close attention to them. Making sure they’re properly inflated and inspecting them for any damages or abnormalities every week is a great way to extend their lifespan. Unfortunately, every car will need new tires eventually. The real trick is recognizing the signs that you need a new set of tires. Here are a few tips from us here at Hassett Pre-Owed that can help you out.


If your tires are still good to go after five years, it’s generally a good idea to have them professionally inspected. An annual inspection will allow you to catch any problems and fix them accordingly or replace the set of tires altogether.

Tires that are more than 10 years old should be replaced with a new set. Even if they’re still usable, the rubber could have abnormalities, making it more prone to problems.


The tread on your tires should never reach one-sixteenth of an inch. If they do, you’re at serious risk of losing traction, especially on slick roads. You can buy a gauge to for a professional measurement or use a penny.

Simply insert Abraham Lincoln’s head facedown into the tread. If the entire head is visible, there’s not enough tread to provide optimal traction. Consult a dealership service department about a new set of tires.

Wear & Tear

Wear and tear happens to every tire with age. There’s simply no avoiding it. Older tires will often become weathered and be susceptible to cracks in the sidewall. Cracks will eventually break open, causing air to leak out. The tire could blow entirely, leaving you on the side of the road.

As tires age, the outer surface grows weaker, resulting in the formation of abnormalities like bulges. A bulge is usually noticeable to the naked eye and is a weak spot in the tire. A bulge has a high chance of causing a flat tire so get a replacement immediately.

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